There are many milestones and memorable days in our lives—birthdays, wedding anniversaries, the first day
of school, our first job, Christmas, and Valentine's Day. To celebrate these important and memorable days,
we give gifts to our loved ones.
We established our company with the desire to provide a place for our customers to select their most
important gifts. Over a span of 20-some years, we have come from humble beginnings with a roadside store
in a small city to managing over 85 stores in shopping centers throughout Japan.
I am very grateful that our efforts to provide joy and elation to customers through our products and deliver
quality customer service that makes customers want to visit again rather than simply an attractive store that
offers the products our customers seek have been recognized by our customers. We are determined to
further expand our unique service and our anniversary concept shops, where we strive to provide an exciting, inspiring place to select gifts, by leveraging our experience and managerial resources.