The corporate philosophy, which forms our foundations, and our corporate profile.

Corporate Philosophy

We strive to build positive relationships of mutual trust with customers, business partners, and employees
in one cohesive circle, and we strive continue to expand that circle.

Sophisticated fashion is not always equal to the latest fashions. We source quality products from throughout
the world in order to offer customers coordinated fashion.

We value personal relationships with customers and strive to make our stores bright and friendly with warm,
reassuring service. We endeavor to create a unique service through independent thought and effort rather
than emulation.

We remain constantly aspirational and challenge ourselves to achieve self-growth.


Our hope is to become a special store where customers select the gifts they will give on the milestones and
anniversaries of life. Our vision is not to merely be a brand shop but to be a retailer that provides
the excitement and thrill of giving gifts and the joy and elation of receiving gifts.

We want to share the excitement, thrill, and elation of gift givers!

Imagining the joy of gift recipients fills us with warmth!

Knowing the importance of gifts and wearing the shoes of the gift recipient, we will help you choose
the perfect gifts. 

Our mission is to help our customers select gifts for loved ones that convey and express their feelings.